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  1. Behind the fun - ship as an organism.


    Cruise industry is one of the most growing industries in the last century. Especially in the United States of America. Cruise companies are seeking for the new employees every year to sign their contracts. New crew members are signing on the vessel when the previous has to sign off. It's like a circle throughout the years and decades. Magazines, travel and social media web sites getting more loaded with the advertisements about those wonderfully beautiful and exotic destinations, service and unforgettable vacation opportunities on the cruise ships.

    Behind the fun - ship as an organism is photographically documented tour under and above the sea level on the Carnival Glory cruise ship back in 2010. Ship's home port was Miami, FL and later it was relocated to the New York City, NY where I've worked as a photographer. The series examines an average American vacation and holiday habits and all hardly working crew as a part of the ship's organism who are there for you and your memorable vacation.

    Each individual has its own organism and behavior like an industry or machine has its own mechanism or system. Each crew and staff possess their place the same way like screw has its functionality being a part of the whole engine. Whereas, each and every part of the ship is, also part of entire organism.

    When the 7 day cruise is over, next one is starting. It's like a circle spinning around or a clock being ticking on its own routine. Some passengers comes and goes like a short term visitors whilst others live on the cruise ship and has been served for an almost 10 years.

    Fun for all. All for fun. is the Carnival Cruise Lines advertising slogan. Whereas, Behind the fun tour is an actual tour for all the guests on board. It's like a platform for a small group of people where they can participate and see some parts of the crew areas and activities behind the scenes. Usually tour has been scheduled and held on the last day at sea before debarkation and it cost an extra $ 90.

    All photographs were taken and developed on board at the Carnival Glory photo lab, located deck 0 forward.