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  1. Homeland. The Longest Village in the Country

    2015 - 2016

    Homeland serves a nostalgic representation of the place and memories in the longest village in Latvia and its recent history from World War II until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. As the curtain fell, the local economy changed, and in 2004, upon joining the EU, it changed again. These historical shifts made a huge impact on the society and its dreams, many of which the younger generations abandoned. This project is a collection of places into one place through the operations of memory and reflects on villager's existing relationship with the land. Project became a metaphor for a way of life, passing of time and for how time affects and changes our sense of place.

    “Landscapes – actual, remembered or idealized – feed our sense of belonging to whatever place, region or nation that we view as homeland”

    Liz Wells

  2. This book and its two inserts are part of the first, 30-piece limited edition

    The four special editions were sewn, bound and hard covered

    by Hannah Moore and Stewart Graham-Hyde in Lewes, England

    The remaining 26 editions were sewn, bound and hard covered

    by Georgs Avetisjans in Brighton, England


    Self-published September 2016

    Hardback clothbound

    163 pages (including foldout pages)

    118 photographs (including archives)

    Memory Book : 44 pages

    Newspaper : 36 pages

    195 x 230 mm (portrait)


    Homeland, the book was printed at L&S Printing (Worthing, England)

    Memory Book and Newspaper, the inserts were printed at Prontaprint (Brighton, England)


    The four special editions are SOLD OUT

    The first limited edition - £175 / €195 / $225


  3. Roja Gallery, Roja, Latvia, 2017

    Roja Gallery, Roja, Latvia, 2017

    • 1

      Roja Gallery, Roja, Latvia, 2017

    • 2

      Photon - Centre for Contemporary Photography, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2017

    • 3

      Grand Parade Gallery, Brighton, England, 2016

    Exhibition includes two recorded audio channels, two handwritten poems by the village's resident F. Gutsmits (1941 - 2016): 'Life by the Sea' and 'An Evening's Dream' (Included also in the book), nine handwritten memories about the land, rituals and places from the 'Memory Book" printed on cyclus offset 80 gsm paper, one title image (97 x 117,1 cm) of the resident R. Grozbahs by the sea printed c-type and mounted onto 2 mm dibond, oak shadow gap frame (graphite), seven (20,3 x 25,4 cm) and nine (25,4 x 30,5) c-type (chromogenic) matt color prints, mounted onto 2 mm dibond.