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  1. Artists' Statement.

    I am a Latvian-Armenian photographer and visual narrator from Latvia who has studied MA Photography at the University of Brighton in the UK and had several exhibitions in Latvia, Italy, China, Netherlands, Slovenia, Austria and the UK. Mostly interested in a multi-layered, research based storytelling about contemporary issues from historical and ethnographical aspect on the line between reality and fiction. Working on authentic imagery in the field of documentary reality, using archival and vernacular photography, materials, notes and voice recordings. Making photobooks and finding ways of how photography, design, materials, strategies and various techniques could possibly shape the story of an entire photographic project. Themes of my work are mostly about regional and national identity, ethnography, memory, nostalgia, existentiality and metaphor. Years ago as a photographer I started to explore subjective aspects such as moods, associations in documentary reality, which formed, and still forms my visual narrative. In 2017 I was docking at the residency ‘Docking Station’ in Amsterdam, a new photography platform with a goal to move visual stories forward where I was working on ‘Homeland’ - a story about the sea, land and memory in the longest village in the country and also of how time affects and changes our sense of place. Nominated and selected for a prestigious 'Magnum Photos Graduate Photographers Award 2017' in partnership with Photo London and RBB Economics; 2nd Prize 'Different Worlds 2017' at the Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography in Ljubljana, Slovenia which showcases recent works of ten young and emerging photographers from the CEE region and thus provides an insight into the latest tendencies of contemporary photography; 'Slideluck Prato' Prize at the Lato Gallery in 2016; Special Guest Selection by Cliff Lauson (Curator, Hayward Gallery London) for a Source Photographic Review; Long listed for a Source Magazine: A decade of Graduate Photography 2007 - 2017; LensCulture Editor's Picks feature and showcase in the 'Emerging Talent Awards 2016'; An open call selection 'Facts and Clarifications' as a part of Riga Photomonth 2017 and photobook exhibition / showcase Self Publish Riga 2017. In 2015 participated in the workshop The Narrative Portrait by A. Sanguinetti (Magnum Photos) at the International Summer School of Photography (ISSP) and in 2009 completed documentary photography class by A. Grants in Riga, Latvia.