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  1. Artists' Statement.
    At the beginning of my photographic practice, my field of interest was subjective aspects such as moods, associations in documentary reality, which formed my visual narrative. In my recent projects I worked with the themes related to age; space and silence; flow of time and also explored relationship between the mind and body. I am also interested in existentiality and metaphor.

    Recently I completed my first, multi-layered publication called Homeland where I was focusing to recreate my place of a childhood through photography, retrace the landscape, its borders, identity and memories expressed by local residents in the longest village in Latvia. The concept stems from the idea that the length of this village is a metaphor for a way of life or the passing of time – the past, present and future - and how time can affect and change our sense of place. It was a search for imagined and real national identity, a creation of place, or perhaps collection of many other places into one place through the operations of memory.