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  1. Artists' Statement.

    Georgs Avetisjans is a Latvian-Armenian bookmaker, photographer and designer from Latvia who has graduated from the University of Brighton (UK) in 2016 and received Master of Art Degree in Photography. Lived in the USA and the UK for seven years altogether and had several exhibitions in Latvia, Italy, China, Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Denmark and the UK. Most recently selected for the Magnum Photos Graduate Photographers’ Award 2017 in partnership with Photo London and RBB Economics and won the 2nd Prize 'Different Worlds 2017' at the Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography in Ljubljana, Slovenia which showcased recent works of ten young and emerging contemporary photographers from the CEE region. Georgs Avetisjans is mostly interested in a multi-layered, research based storytelling about contemporary issues from historical and ethnographical aspect on the line between reality and fiction as well as poetic, metaphoric and authentic imagery in the field of documentary reality. He is also interested in photobook making, archival materials, notes and investigative recordings and ways of how photography, design and materials could possibly shape the story of an entire photographic project. Themes of his work are mostly about regional and national identity, genetics, ethnography, memory, nostalgia and existentiality. Years ago as a photographer he started to explore subjective aspects such as moods, associations in documentary reality, which formed, and still forms his visual narrative. In 2015 and 2018 he has attended two of the ISSP workshops: The Narrative Portrait by A. Sanguinetti (Magnum Photos) and Photobook as Object by Y. Goto and J. Rosseel. In 2009 completed documentary photography class by A. Grants and in 2017 he was nominated and selected for the residency at the ‘Docking Station’ in Amsterdam to continue to work on his project ‘Homeland’ - a story about the sea, land and memory in the longest village in the country and also of how time affects and changes our sense of place. In July 2018 ‘Homeland’ was published by Milda Books at the Cosmos-Arles Books in France and shortly after it will be launched officially with a solo show at the Latvian Museum of Photography in Riga, Latvia from November 1, 2018 - January 13, 2019.